2017 Monthly Recap in Pictures

How do I even begin to recap 2017? 2016 was a hard one to beat, and in many ways 2017 topped it. It was definitely a year of highs and lows but one filled with memories I will always look back on for years to come. I began a One Line A Day book this year and that also is filled with the good and bad memories. I can’t recommend this little book enough and I can’t wait to be writing in it in a couple of years to see what I had done that day in previous years.



Starting off the year, I was in my final months of University. I don’t know how 3 years had almost passed but it had all led up to those last few months. So many assignments and dissertations, so little time! But come October, I had officially graduated with a 1st in Music Industry Management, granted I am yet to find a proper graduate job, but who isn’t right…? Amongst the beginning of the year, of course I had to cram in some celebrity events including the BAFTAs, radio appearances and stage doors to meet a few stars.



Going into April meant the start of Shawn Mendes’ Illuminate world tour. This made up a good chunk of my year as I travelled to a few places around the world. May to June was the European leg and I went to the Glasgow, Manchester, London (x2), and Lisbon shows. My final dissertations were all due during this time too so clearly I prioritised my time very well. In June, I went to Ariana Grande’s One Love Manchester show which was truly incredible, as well as Capital’s Summertime Ball in that same month. Also in June, I was invited to a multi-media pre-screening of Spider-man Homecoming which definitely did not disappoint and I met the friendly neighbourhood Spider-man himself.



In July I explored Amsterdam for the first time and went to my first ever convention. It was a Teen Wolf convention with guests including Ryan Kelley, Froy Gutierrez, Gideon Emery and Max and Charlie Carver. It was also the first time I had travelled to a country alone which was so empowering and nerve wracking, then I met up with many friends at the convention. I also met the amazing Harry Styles as well as the rest of the talented cast at the Dunkirk premiere.



August brought the Toronto and NYC travels, alongside the Illuminate tour. It was my first time in Toronto and second time in New York City so I couldn’t wait to get back out there. I got to meet a lot of friends, old and new, in 2017 and tours always mean you will see a lot of familiar faces all around the world, no matter where you are and I think that’s so beautiful how artists can do that. It’s always exciting when the next tour comes around and you know it will be another amazing time of the year with great people. August brought another life alteration as I had to change jobs and find a new house. I also turned 21 this year!



In September, I experienced my first music video shoot with The Vamps for their single Personal featuring Maggie Lindemann. The director decided to make me Maggie’s “best friend” so I was in a couple of shots with her – standing at the bar and sitting next to her when she blew out the birthday candles. This is also where I made some new friends who I meet up with regularly to do Vamps related things.



I officially graduated in October at the O2 arena! So strange thinking back a few years when I went to my first concert in London, Justin Bieber at O2 arena, and a few years later graduating in the same building, not knowing back then I would moved to London and experience so much. October also brought the London Film Festival which meant premiere after premiere after premiere. I met many people including Nicole Kidman, Colin Farrel, Anya Taylor Toy and Armie Hammer to name a few. I also managed to bump into Camila Cabello whilst graduation dress shopping. London is too good.



In November many of my friends across Europe travelled to London for the MTV EMAs which brought so many tour memories back. I recapped my EMAs experience over on another of my blog posts so check it out here if you’re interested!



A very hectic December brought long working hours on top of evenings at a variety of events like premieres, screenings and radio stations meeting many famous celebrities and getting their autographs or pictures with them. One included the Star Wars premiere which was VERY cold and we had to collect our wristbands in the literal snow. I did somehow manage to meet Daisy Ridley amongst a few other cast members, as well as Brad from The Vamps – you can always count on them to turn up to events. If you’re interested in red carpet events, I have a few tips and tricks for making them successful here. And finally I was home with the family for Christmas and New Years to end 2017.



I wrote something very similar to this last year and said that 2017 had a lot to live up to if it would beat 2016, but I think somehow it did come out on top. Here’s to having a more active blog in 2018, fingers crossed…!

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