4 Days in Amsterdam

Looking through my blog post drafts I came across this one. I was going to delete it seeing as quite a few months have gone by… I know, bad blogger. But I didn’t want to not post this because it was such a fun and memorable trip. I seem to make spontaneous decisions about traveling too often, which I can’t yet tell if this is good or bad, but nevertheless this is how I planned Amsterdam. I have spontaneously travelled to Australia and Toronto before so Amsterdam was a lot closer to home and easier to hop on a plane to. It always seems to start on Twitter when friends mention certain events and I think “that sounds like fun..?” and then I’m there. Sorry bank account!

The main reason for this quick trip was a teen wolf convention, WolfCon. It was the first proper convention I’d ever been to and I would definitely go to another one again. I went to Comic Con in London a couple of years ago but I don’t technically count that as a convention experience. If you’re a convention newbie like me and are considering going to one in the future, I’d say go for it! They usually have a good range of cast members from OG characters to new characters and depending on the extras you buy, you can spend some quality time with them. The one thing I’d say about conventions, that I’m sure everyone agrees with, is that they’re bloody pricey! The passes range from an average price of around £100+ to a whole lot more, depending on what kind of package you want. Some include different interactions with the guests like photo ops, autographs, group meetings and even parties. As this was my first convention, I got the cheapest and more affordable one. There were only a couple of guests I really wanted to meet too so it made more sense to buy a general pass and then buy the extras for the few actors I wanted to meet instead of buying a more expensive pass and getting to meet all of the guests including some I wasn’t too bothered about.

The thing that sold me with WolfCon was the fact that Holland Roden was a guest but unfortunately she had to cancel due to work commitments. This was after I’d already bought my pass, autographs and photo ops and they didn’t allow refunds. The lineup included Holland Roden (before she cancelled), Ian Bohen, Max and Charlie Carver, Froy Gutierrez, Ryan Kelley, Gideon Emery and Casey Deidrick. I only met Froy, Ryan and Ian out of the line up but it still was an expensive weekend! Photo ops are around £30 and autographs are a little cheaper. The convention was held at a hotel which I decided to stay at because I went to Amsterdam alone and met friends there. I wanted it to be as easy as possible with minimal traveling around an unknown place. Overall, the convention was a lot of fun and I met lots of friends there! I can’t wait until the next convention’s guests are announced to give away all of my money again…!

Of course, I didn’t just go to Amsterdam for a convention. I’ve always wanted to visit Amsterdam and it didn’t disappoint! There are so many little streets, cafes and SO MANY BIKES. Luckily I had friends who knew Amsterdam well and they were our tour guides for the day. I wish I had more time to explore and perhaps visit a museum but the queues were so long and we had so little time. What we did do however was walk around to find pretty canals and take pictures for Instagram of course. We also found The Fault In Our Stars bench and took many pictures on it. I mean, how could we not?

I definitely want to visit Amsterdam at Christmas time one year because there is nothing better than European festive cities. You can find the best hot chocolates and festive snacks as well as cute trinkets and gifts. I will (try to) write a blog post about this if I ever get round to it.

So there you have a very short and sweet Amsterdam/WolfCon recap. Leave a comment if you’ve ever been to Amsterdam or a Convention and let me know how it went! Be sure to check our my portfolio section on my blog where I upload photos from my travels. I have a little Amsterdam folder of more snaps here, including my photo op pictures from the convention. You can find other photo albums on the portfolio page of various places in the world too if you’re interested.

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